Andy Cresswell - Actor and Voiceover Artist
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"an outstanding performance by Andy Cresswell"

"Andy Cresswell is an actor who has a full control of his physicality which is illustrated in his huge stage presence"

"...a darkly menacing aspect, while at the same time maintaining a lightness of touch"

"...perfect comic timing"

Andy Cresswell is a dynamic, talented actor and director with vast amounts of experience on stage and screen. His voiceover work is extensive ranging from childrens animations to Shakespeare.

Andy is represented by Pemberton Associates which has offices in both Manchester and London.

Andy's latest film, Victims is now on release. For more details visit

Andy is currently very busy recording various voiceovers, and is very excited to be starting rehearsals soon, directing a new production of Beowulf in the Brighton Fringe Festival.

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